Destroy Sugar Cravings with these Chocolate Candies!

These POINTS! are special,

and for good reason.


Delicious chocolate sourced from the finest parts of Planet POINTS! by the Mighty Mascots. High Class AND High Fiber.


you know them as those chocolate candies deceivingly described as unreal or referenced by two letter "m"s. Yup, well we're made with much less sugar and NO artificial colors.

Chocolate Candies the way they should be:

No Sugar Spikes,

Always Fresh

Most olive oil you see on shelves was over a year old before it was even bottled. Yeesh! Graza is picked, pressed, bottled, and shipped all in the same season. And not to keep bragging, but we put the harvest date right on the label. Does your other olive oil do that?

No Artificial Nonsense,

Never Blended

“Made in Italy” doesn’t mean what you think. Major olive oil brands save money by blending low-quality, old oils (some olive, some not) from all over the globe while slapping a country name on the label. That’s shady! Graza is never blended, and it always comes from one place.

yet all the fun we remember.

(Real) EVOO

Real extra virgin oil is made from olives that are harvested early (fall or winter) and pressed ASAP so the oil stays fresh, delicious, and full of polyphenols (that healthy stuff that makes you live a long time). Most bottles labeled “extra virgin” aren’t the real deal, but Graza is and always will be.

Enlist in the Fight vs. "Big Sugar"

Three delicious flavors with mighty mascots battling to take back their universe from the evil Sugar Corp.




Milky, Creamy


Feat. La La, the creative green mascot.






Feat. Giggles, the wackky yellow mascot.

Welcome to battle for the Hummiiverse!

Where Mighty Mascots fight Big Sugar!

Us Vs Them

No artificial-ness, no funny business. Just natural ingredients formulated to prevent sugar spikes.


Added Sugar

Good Source of Fiber for fullness.

Less than 100 Calories/pack.

Use artificial dyes :(

The Cheaper Chocolate Candies.


Lots of it.

Keeps you craving more, and more, and more...



None :)

Natural Colors from Plants.

The other "healthy" ones


Unfortunately, still lots.

Usually more than 150 per pack.

POINTS! are good for:

~ Baking

~ Ice Cream

~ Trail Mix

~ On their Own

~ Sharing with Others :)

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Made by mighty mascots who want to defeat sugar (cravings).

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