Saving the Sweet Hummiiverse

One day Hank woke up and things were not alright...

His homeland in the Hummalayan Mountains had become a wasteland of pollution, sugar addiction, obesity, & corporate greed among other issues.

As a tiny chickpea in a large & scary world, it was overwhelming to say the least.

Hank took some time to meditate, collect his thoughts, & from there received his calling to bring about a new era in Planet-Friendly, Fit, & Fun foods!

So Hummii Snacks has teamed up with Outcast Foods & Artesa Ingredients to give these snacks some planet-friendly power.

Outcast Foods ~ Upcycles rejected fruits into powders that can be used in new products. These "rejects" have now found a new home by providing natural sweetness to the Hummiiverse.

Artesa Ingredients ~ Uses a water-free process to isolate the chickpea protein that ends up saving 20 gallons per 1kg of isolate protein. This protein then provides the plant-powered punch to Hummii Snacks.

The Meta-Mission

Reimaging A Healthy+Yummii Snack Universe!
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Contact Us

Tyler, Hank & the Plant-Powered Palz are here to help & answer any questions. 

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