Wallet Help

What the Flying Fudge is a MetaMask Wallet...

We know this Web3 stuff can be a bit daunting, so here's some delcious directions on how to get setup...

Still looking for some help?

Shoot a text over to 518-573-4947 and Hank Hummii himself will help you "enter the Metaverse"

(at least that is after he finishes his daily Chiseled Chickpea workout routine)

Time to Claim Your POINTS!


A Gamified Rewards Program!

LEVEL up and win prizes

EARN Loyalty Tokens, COLLECT NFTs, UNLOCK Perks

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Web3 Meets the Hummiiverse...

What’s Up!?

It’s Hank Hummii here, the Mighty Chickpea Mascot for this buff brand.

I have been traveling far & wide throughout the galaxy, making many Plant-Powered Palz along the way.

Together, we mixed our knowledge from these wild worlds to create a mind-bendingly delicious, nutritious, & FUN snack experience…

Now we welcome YOU to the Hummiiverse: "A Healthy+Yummii Snack Multiverse!"

The Mission

Reimaging A Healthy+Yummii Snack Universe!

Contact Us

Tyler, Hank & the Plant-Powered Palz are here to help & answer any questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

4971 S Centinela Ave, Apt #204

Los Angeles, CA 90066