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I'm on a low sugar diet so I decided to give Points a try. I am sooo glad I did! Lightly sweet without any sugar! Thank you so much, Tyler! Def checking out more of your products!

Petra M.

Verified Buyer

Made for kids, enjoyed by adults...

Welcome to Planet POINTS!

Our mighty mascots are on a mission battling Emma M. & her Sugar Corp goons to help YOU defeat sugar cravings once and for all.

No Blood Sugar Spike

Formulated with the right balance of low glycemic sweeteners to provide all the taste without the glucose spike (or bad aftertaste).

Goodbye Artificial Dyes

We use colors from Natural plant-based sources like; Spirulina, Beets, & Turmeric.

Hello Happy Gut

POINTS! have a blend of prebiotic fibers that not only provide sweetness, but also work with your probiotic bacteria to improve gut health.

Stable, Feel-Good Energy

Our high quality dark chocolate provides just enough natural caffeine and theobromine to improve mood & energy.

Customer Reviews

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Julie S
Just the thing I've been wanting

Points are the snack I've been looking for to satisfy the craving for chocolate without the disgusting dairy or harmful added sugar.

David Harner
Delicious candy that's good for you

If you're looking to enhance your health and shed some pounds without enduring hardship, consider Points candies.


The product was good however I can’t have the sugar substitute ethrylol (sp).

Mariah Fisher

These candies are so good! Points are a ideal low sugar treat and a delicious , high fiber alternative to traditional chocolate candies like m&ms they are sooo silky and delicious plus they are keto friendly containing only 90cal per serving, 7g of Fiber, and 1g net carbs. They leave out all the added sugar, preservatives, and artificial colors commonly found in traditional candy brands without sacrificing taste like other low calorie candy. The boys ate them so good didn't even know they were a healthy alternative!


Best ever tasting and they’re low calorie

I keep ordering these chocolate gems. They taste amazingly and I can eat a lot of them without worrying about too many calories. I have my tea and enjoy them. You must try them. You’ll be happy you did.


"My Kids LOVE these! Way better than M&Ms! I finally found the healthier option without sacrificing on the taste! "

Gabby B.

Verified Buyer